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A Complete 180º
A Complete 180 Marshall's NEWEST Home-Study Training
Your life is what you think it is.  Some people get stressed and worry about nothing; others handle seemingly insurmountable stress and thrive. Which are you? To yourself, you are what you think; to the outside world, you are what you do.  Since every single action you take is based on what you are thinking, it is possible to completely turn your life 180 degrees.  In this subconscious reprogramming system, you will no longer have to force yourself to change what you do—this program will change who you are!

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Irresistible Influence
Irresistible Influence Would you like to be a Master of Influence?
Now you can with Marshall Sylver's brand new Irresistible Influence audio series! ONLY $499.99!!!

Influence is the ability to have someone ask you for the thing you are selling... and have them believe it was their idea!"
- Marshall Sylver

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What Would a Millionaire Do?™
What Would a Millionaire Do If you knew what a millionaire knows...
And you thought what a millionaire thinks...
And you did what a millionaire does...


In this breakthrough program, Marshall will not only teach you what a millionaire thinks, he will program your mind to make those thoughts your own. You will effortlessly take on the mental beliefs, programs, and thoughts of millionaires and billionaires simply by listening to this program.

Some of the powerful new tools you will possess after using this program:

The powerful skill of taking on new disciplines. The importance of having multiple streams
of income.
A variety of different wealth vehicles. The power of Massive Passive Income.

When you think what someone thinks and you do what someone does, you'll produce the same result.
Take the knowledge packed in this DVD and begin acting upon these traits of millionaires and surely
you'll become a millionaire!

Only $299.99

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Take Action NOW!!!™
Take Action Now Take your front row seat to see Marshall Sylver, The Millionaire Maker,™ lecture LIVE for two full hours!
“This program will change what you believe to be true and change the reality of your world. After taking action with the knowledge contained here, you will never again be able to live the life you’ve been living. You will be transformed into the unstoppable human being you truly are.” – Marshall Sylver

When you now watch this video, you will learn:

The Three Skills to Create Anything
The Fastest Way to Change Any Habit
The Power of Subconscious Reprogramming
PND: Psycho Neuro Duplication
Irresistible Influence
How to Avoid the Recession
How to Sell Anybody Anything

Only $199.99

Top 10 Common Denominator Traits of Millionaires™
Top 10 Common Denominator Traits of Millionaires Lessons from the Palace
To become a millionaire one has to learn the disciplines that millionaires have, and furthermore act upon them. What are these discipline, you ask? Marshall Sylver has created this powerful DVD program, shot at the beautiful Prosperity Palace, to explain to you just that. In addition, he's listed the top 5 vehicles of wealth for you to sample to get you well on your way to millionaire-status.

With this DVD, you will learn:

The powerful skill of taking on new disciplines. The importance of having multiple streams
of income.
A variety of different wealth vehicles. The power of Massive Passive Income.

Only $199.99

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I AM FREE - Subconscious Reprogramming™
I Am Free - Subconscious Reprogramming Reduce Stress... Gain Concentration... Be More Motivated
This video will teach you the incredibly powerful process
of subconscious reprogramming.

Within a few minutes with Marshall Sylver,
you will learn:

What subconscious reprogramming is and how
to use it.
How to place yourself into a deep subconscious relaxation.

The rules of the mind and why you respond the way you do.
Information that will change your life forever!!!
The structure of successful subconscious suggestions that create rapid habit change.
How to write subconscious reprogramming programs so you can produce your own audio recordings on you iPod or computer and save money.

To change your life, you must change your mind. And now you can, quickly and easily. Thank you for making me the person that increased the quality of your life. Have a perfect day.” – Marshall Sylver

Only $199.99

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Vehicles of Wealth™
Vehicles of Wealth Lessons From The Palace
Explore the Top Entrepreneurial Money Making Vehicles. Learn from experts the ins and outs of the most lucrative opportunities available to you right now. It doesn’t take money to make money; it takes the ability to take
immediate action in intelligent ways.

Your vehicle of wealth is the most important element to
your accumulation of riches. Since the time most people spend building and maintaining their financial fortunes is
the greatest portion of their lives, it is essential to love
what you do.

Some of the powerful new tools you will possess after using this program:

The ability to control your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in the most stressful of circumstances. The basic strategies of irresistible influence.
Knowing in any moment the highest and best use of your time. How to expand what you believe is possible so you will confidently take fearless action.
Understanding how to create and lead teams of people to carry out your most ambitious plans. arrow How to remove all sabotaging and
limiting behaviors forever!
How to create massive passive income.    

Only $499.99

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Asset Protection & Tax Planning™
Asset Protection & Tax Planning Marshall Sylver has teamed up with Attorney J.J. Childers to provide you with this powerful new program.
This program gives you the answers to the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions teaching you to implement the various wealth tools of the affluent. Special emphasis is placed on the mechanics of the various entities including much needed information on how to actually conduct your business and everyday affairs through the use of legal entities.

In this course, you will learn:

How to operate a limited partnership for business or investments. How to utilize Charitable Remainder Trust to reduce your taxes while giving to charity.
How your entities can reduce your taxable income. Reduce, or even eliminate your estate taxes.
Move your existing assets into legal entities. arrow Lowering your tax braket through your entities.
How a trust can provide continuity for your assets. arrow How millionaires can have a taxable estate near zero.
How to use your corporation to own interest in other entities.    

Also included is a BONUS DVD where Marshall Sylver interviews J.J. Childers for a new edition of Lessons from the Palace!

Only $499.99

Credit Repair & Enhancement™
Credit Repair & Enhancement Marshall Sylver has teamed up with CMAC's Robert and Christina Hunt to provide you with this powerful new program.
CMAC (Credit Mentoring & Consulting, Inc.) was founded as an effort to provide consumers a personalized resource for their credit concerns, questions, and challenges by providing access and support.

In this course, you will learn:

Credit Basics Analyzing Credit Scoring Understanding the System
Protecting Your Credit Building Credit Success    

Also included is a BONUS DVD where Marshall Sylver interview Robert and Christina Hunt for a new edition of Lessons from the Palace!

Only $499.99

Passion Profit & Power!!!™
Passion Profit & Power A subconscious training system that will program you for outrageous success in 3 key areas of your life...
Includes 6 CD's & 1 Workbook
- Hotter Relationships!
- More Money!
- Mental, Physical & Emotional Control

In this course, you will learn:

PASSION -- Relationships PROFIT -- Money POWER -- Personal Well-Being
How to be more
The universal laws of
The instant way to
change any habit
How to turn up your
personal magnetism
How to duplicate the
habits of the rich
How to be happy all
the time
The fastest way to get
back to love
Keys to making more
money in less time
How to create laser
sharp focus
How relationships are
like books
Four methods for
creating abundance
4 steps to total
When to let go How to sell anybody
The magic of surrender
and perfection
#1 key to creating
healthy relationships
#1 habit of almost
every multi-millionaire
Two key ingredients
for instant motivation

Surrender & Find Your Life Perfect!

Only $299.99

Passion Profit Power Best-Selling Program
As Seen on TV!
The Secrets of Persuasion & Influence™
Persuasion & Influence Learn How to Inspire Others to Give What You Want
Imagine using the tools, strategies and communication techniques of Politicians, Superstar Sales People, and other Professional Persuaders. Now you can use their techniques quickly & easily with this cutting edge program.

Whether you are persuading someone to get involved with your prodct or serviceu, or influencing someone to accept your concepts or ideas, you will learn the incredible secrets of subconscious persuasion with this system.

Material Included in this course...

6 CD's: These cd's are specifically designed to both teach and program you on a subconscious level to use the information easily and readily. 1 full length workbook: This workbook contains sample scripts that will jet start your sales and help you create charismatically magnetic presentations. The workbook gives you fast reference to keep you sharp and allow you to reinforce these tools and techniques quickly.

A fully integrated learning system to quickly empower you with the skills
of Persuasion & Influence.

Only $399.99

How To Hypnotize Others™
How to Hypnotize Others In this video, you will gain the powerful skills of how to influence the subconscious minds of other people.
Included are Two Volumes shot at Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands:

Volume I: The Hand Clasp Induction
Volume II: The Undeniable Truth Induction
From these inductions, you will learn:
• The characteristics of a hypnotist • The number one quality needed to hypnotize others
• The process of Going to, Happening, Happened • The importance of the hypnotic gaze
• The elements of trance  

Whether you want to make hypnosis a profession, you want to help those you love change unwanted habits, or if you are just curious about his age-old process, Marshall Sylver will teach you everything you want to know on this training video.

Only $199.99

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Hypnotize Others
I AM a Non-Smoker!™
I Am a Non-Smoker The Fast, Proven and EASY Method to Become a NON-SMOKER
This KIT includes:

A subconscious reprogramming CD to help you remove the desire to smoke.
Affirmations to remain a Non-Smoker.
Pack Bands - A unique tool that will change
smoking from a habit to a choice.
A complete easy-to-read guide for effectively becoming a Non-Smoker.

It's not about quitting - It's about reprogramming your
subconscious mind to become a Non-Smoker!

Kick the Habit in JUST 7 DAYS!!

"After 30 years of smoking, I am thrilled to say that I have been smoke-free for 6 months since purchasing your program. I've tried many different techniques in the past and never before has
I felt this strength and firm resolution to stay a Non-Smoker forever. Thank you, Marshall!"
- Diane Belitz

Only $49.99

Best-Selling Program
As Seen on TV!
I AM Permanently Slender!™
I Am Permanently Slender Lose 2-3 lbs per week Through Subconscious Reprogramming
This KIT includes:

A subconscious reprogramming cd to help you think, act, eat and live like
a slender person.
Affirmations to remain slender.
Fat Loss Wristband - A unique tool that makes eating a choice not a habit.
A complete easy to read guide to effectively remove excess fat and remain PERMANENTLY SLENDER

Only 2 Ways to Lose Fat & Remain PERMANENTLY SLENDER...

#1 Create the mental, physical, and emotional habits of a slender person.

#2 Reprogram your mind to psychosomatically (psycho - the mind, soma - the body), make the food you eat either energy or waste products.


"I purchased this CD in Dec weighing 203lbs, its now May and I am down to 166lbs. The daily affirmations were the key for me" - Van Heest

Only $49.99

slender Best-Selling Program
As Seen on TV!
Conversations with Marshall Sylver
Excerpts and Transcripts from Marshall's Radio Show
A special 6 audio CD collection of some of the best calls recorded from Marshall's hit radio show.
Listen-in on lessons taught to real people in every day situations, such as dealing with addictions, skills for making massive wealth, relationship building, overcoming fears, and many, many more with Marshall Sylver!
Each audio CD also comes with a complete printed transcript of all of the calls so you can read as well as listen. This new item specially priced for a limited time only!

Only $299.00

(without book)

Only $318.95

(includes book)

The Book is ONLY Included in Option #2 for an additional $19.95
Marshall Sylver's Stage Hypnosis Training Course
The Secrets of the most successful stage hypnotist in the world
In this course you will learn...
The secrets to making BIG money as a stage hypnotist
Gain unstoppable confidence!
Monologue techniques (gain rapport with your guests and audience)
The best ways to get volunteers on stage and how
to be entertaining.
The fastest and best
stage inductions.
How to structure your show Equipment logistics
and marketing.
The power of suggestion. And much, MUCH more.

Material Included in this course...
5 full-length DVD's professionally shot from Marshall Sylver's Stage Hypnosis Seminar 1 audio CD of positive affirmations & confidence programming for stage hypnosis
1 audio CD for induction training 1 DVD of Marshall’s production show shot on a main-stage in Las Vegas
1 workbook with over 150 show routine ideas, sample inductions and more! 1 CD-ROM containing software to run your show, printable induction Scripts, royalty free sound effects and more!

Was $4,995.00

NOW FOR $1995.00!

Stage Hypnosis
NOTE: This package also includes a personally autographed 8 x 10 photo of Marshall Sylver.
Silver Premier Membership Card
The Sylver Premium Membership Card Where Silver is truly more precious than gold!
With this membership card you will become a Sylver VIP!

You will gain early admittance to any of our seminars
You will sit in the "premier reserved seating
area" in the front row
You will receive special discounts on products and future seminars Each card is personalized with your name and membership number
You will gain access to our VIP registration area (no more waiting
in line)
And much more...

Only $995.00

Upgrade from VHS to DVD today!!!
We are happy to announce that all Marshall Sylver products are now available on CD & DVD ONLY!

If you would like to upgrade your VHS & Cassette Tapes to the new CD & DVD formats we are offering an opportunity to trade in your old tapes for the newly formatted ones at a very, very
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Some restrictions apply.

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What Would A Millionaire Do? - tshirt

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"A plan becomes reality only when you TAKE ACTION!" – Marshall Sylver